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01-23-2013, 08:40 PM
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Originally Posted by odishabs View Post
Gallagher is far from a plug
I always use the irony smiley....always....and the few times I don't, there's always somebody who don't pick it up....Come on's irony.

Originally Posted by Mrb1p View Post
Who said that Eller deserves first line duty? Who even said second line ? Eller deserves his chance to produce offensively, he never had one. You're contradicting yourself by bashing Eller yourself.And Galchenyuk did scored a goal. In one game. Let's slow down here.
Who said he needed 1st line duty? Oh I don't know maybe the ones who keeps dissing DD and keeps saying that they'd love to see Eller with Pacioretty and Cole to see what he could be able to do? Putting Eller with Cole and Pacioretty....does it qualify for 1st line duty? And "a chance to produce offensively" can happen with other guys that the 1st liners as we prove from time to time, as other teams prove it from time to time as well.

The thing is, this discussion is totally irrelevant and borderline stupid. Who here had this discussion last year? Who suggested to put Eller in an offensive line duty? Clearly, if it happen, nobody would have suggested to replace Pleks did they? No...would have been to replace DD. But people were wise enough to see that DD was amongst the only good news we had last year. Now, that WHOLE line is having some problems for 2 games now. And yet, it's dress Eller bench DD? You need talent in a lineup. Yes, Eller has some talent but so did DD. So I don't agree with a Eller stand watching, but clearly can't agree with a DD stand watching either. But Eller will be watching for his 2nd game in a row....guess what, we lose that one and if Eller respond well, he can have all of the next 45 games to build his confidence....Can't wait to see at the end of the year how the first 3 games was soooooo detrimental to his progression.

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