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01-23-2013, 09:02 PM
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Originally Posted by NFITO View Post
have you taken a look at his stats when he isn't playing with the Sedins? Or his production even when he's playing short-handed?

Or his chemistry when he's played next to Kesler? Or how the 3rd line (shutdown unit) has responded with Burrows there?

It's the same old crap that people have been saying about Burrows since he stepped on the Sedins unit. What gets lost is that Burrows has chemistry with *everyone* he plays with, because he's one of those players that just works his ass off every second of every shift. He's also the first forward that gets put on the blueline when we have injuries to cover. Tonight he's starting the game as the team's 2nd line center, because of the problems down the middle right now with Kesler gone.

That's the type of player Burrows is - a winger who's equally good on the left and right side, can play the middle when needed, can jump on the blueline when needed, plays next to the Sedins on the top offensive line, has been moved to the shutdown line often, and is often moved to other lines to jump start them.

Saying that he's a leach and is just a product of the Sedins clearly shows how little you've followed this player and how little you know about him.

Does Lupul come close to that versatility? All I hear is how he's got such good chemistry with Kessel - maybe he's the leach we should be talking about? Lupul has a history of inconistent play, injury issues, never has been considered a dominant defensive player, never has been considered a versatile player that you could move to different roles, on different lines, to play different positions, or even have on defense when needed. How much has Lupul benefitted from playing next to Kessel? And no one even considers that a steal of a contract to begin with!
Does Lupul come close to that versatility. Of course not. He's never done anything. Didn't put up 67 points in 66 games last year. Didn't score 20 goals 4 times in his career. With 3 different teams. Over 25 three times, with a high of 28. Fact: when healthy he has produced.

Seriously, though WTF is wrong with you people that you waste all your time hating? Seriously, WE GET IT -- Lupul is a bum. Maple Leaf fans are happy to have him. So run along. I will create an "I LOVE BURROWS" thread for you.

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