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Originally Posted by KIRK View Post
1. No, they wouldn't. Shero has infinitely more in the pool at his disposal than when he acquired Hossa and Gill, infinitely more. Shero would have to pay assets to get Sid a second wheel and Geno a third wheel, but he wouldn't have to gut the farm.

2. Kulemin is a metaphor, if you will, for a third wheel.

3. The Pens can get Sid a second wheel, Geno a third wheel, and make it work in the cap. You're going to need to introduce young players, but the idea that you can't deal aggressively from the prospect pool and still have several left who you can introduce to the lineup really doesn't take into account how the cap works.

4. No offense, but this whole 'you can't give up too many prospects' argument is tiresome in another way: At some point, you have to do more for both Sid and Geno. You've got the two best players in hockey, and you send one out with two third wheels and the other out with a second wheel and a fourth wheel. Sorry, but the time has come at long last, with the Staal excuse gone, to set Sid and Geno up to dominate. If that means introducing younger kids like Despres earlier than some think appropriate or less money spent on the third and fourth lines, then so be it. Sid and Geno are the Pens advantage. Time to exploit it, at long last.
And there's the rub, eh? No one wants to give up any prospects, but then no one wants to play them or deal with their growing pains. And how much value do they have in terms of a trade it they only see limited ice time if they're lucky enough to see any at all?

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