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01-23-2013, 09:24 PM
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Originally Posted by baldrick View Post
If you make an exception to policy for one player then there is no policy. It's team first, not individuals.
As for a trade I think it would be very difficult to get equal value in this situation as other teams know the spot Bergevin is in, besides, we always overhype Habs players, check out the trades forum.
Fine, so there's no policy. You actually can't have a policy. The only thing we can do as a GM is be careful of who you give your money to. That's all. Why the need of a policy? Are we in kindergarden here? Team first again...sorry this team first is build with individuals. The talented ones who get all the money, and the grinders who gets the rest.

As far as overhyping our players and checking out the trades forum? Sorry, that's not a good example. Every Habs player is overrated on this forum until...they changed teams. Subban is hated right now 'cause he's Subban AND a Habs player. The day he changes team, I can tell you that he stops being hated that much.

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