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Originally Posted by Beef Invictus View Post
He only looked better because he's incapable of handling top 6 forwards, which he faced with Pronger. Usually when he was without Pronger he wasn't facing hard competition, which boosted his stats. When you consider his quality of comp was lower, that's not impressive.

It is. But only if he's paired with a true number 1 or strong partner. He can't carry a load himself, and for that reason he's not worth the cap hit he got.

Interestingly, as I recall those rookie defenseman had higher GFon/60 than Carle. On top of that, I showed in the offseason that the team overall produced LESS goals while Carle was on the ice. However, by virtue of getting lots of ice time from necessity and giving the puck to a lot of hot players, his numbers get boosted. Like I said, his complete lack of threatening shot made him very easy to defend. If he shoots it's usually an easy block or a save resulting in a FO the Flyers lost more often than not. So, take away pass lanes and you contain him and take away offensive potential. It happened nearly all year, repeatedly. By the end of the year he was rarely able to pass to anyone but the near winger or partner, teams knew how to contain him.

See the above.

The way I see it Schenn mostly replaces Carle, while having more long term upside. The downside is that he certainly doesn't replace Pronger, and we're left in a situation where a guy might be in over his head. So far EVERYONE is in over their head so I can't tell yet.

Agreed there. I'm still not sold on Gus, but the team could badly use him just for his puck moving abilities.

I think Schenn is meant to replace Carle's minutes. Most of his minutes were spent against the lower talent, with Timonen and Coburn pulling the heavier competition. I think this D is perfectly capable of covering the bottom 6 of any team. With Coburn crapping the bed and Timonen looking past his age we can't cover top 6 though.

Either way, Carle wouldn't have been the solution on this team without having Weber to put him next to. I doubt anything would be different. We might be better at getting out of the zone...but then what? He's still amazingly easy to defend. There's no reason to believe the team would suddenly be generating more offense with him on the ice, when overall they generated less while he was playing. Again, all that extra ice time due to injuries artificially boosted his totals. His one dimensional play in the offensive zone goes far to neutralize the benefit we get from his breakout passing.

And yeah. It's truly not likely we're getting Jones, especially since they expanded the lottery if I'm not mistaken.

Edit: It's also completely possible they turn things around, too.
I fail to see how Carle gaining most of his offensive production is one-dimensional. He was more than a quarter-point better at 5v5 P/60 than Coburn, and Carle had so many more shots blocked because he was in position to have shots blocked. Take out blocked shots, and Coburn was better than Carle at Fenwick by a negligible margin.

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