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01-23-2013, 09:31 PM
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It all depends how you use the word "contenders"

I consider about 10 teams a year to be true "contenders" with 3-4 "favorites to win the cup"

This year's favorites are PIT, NYR, CHI, BOS, and LAK (mostly since they are the current champs). I think there is a chance LAK don't make the playoffs or end 6-8th this year. Does that mean they are not contenders? those 5 teams are the favorites but the contenders also include:
St.L, Van, Min, Det, Phi, SJ. (p.s. i did not make up these choices, these are the vegas odds)

Anyway I think all of these teams are contenders.

'11-'12 season odds are here:

(Detroit is listed as tied for 3rd/4th to win) - That puts them in the favorites category

'10-'11 season odds are here:

(Detroit is listed as 6th best team) - puts them as contenders, but probably not the favorites (top 5)

'09-'10 season odds are here:

(Detroit listed as #1 favorite to win cup as season start)

IMO our team has been getting weaker for a few years now. But we have been a "contender" according to these sites for the last 3 seasons.

The trend is 1, 6, 3, 9th for odds of winning. (1, 6, 3 all contenders, this year 9th barely a contender).

Just saying we had a chance to win.

Not at all saying I agree with what Holland has been doing. We have been contenders DESPITE holland, not because of holland (opinion). I agree with alot of you guys about our team BUT I also think we may be overstating how bad its been the last 3 years

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