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Originally Posted by belair View Post
Do you think the Oilers would trade their elite winger and future captain?

The only way that would ever happen is if a return like the one I posted were to occur. You can yammer on about the kind of system St. Louis runs but when all is said and done the values of Hall and Pietrangelo to their respective teams are very similar.

If you didn't realize from my initial post, I'm not playing NHL GM. I don't care what the St. Louis Blues need and don't care what your valuations after careful team assessments are. I'm responding to the initial post in this thread which asks what the aforementioned package should return.

There it is.

And like I said, they're not going to like it.
This thread was not created by a Blues fan asking for these pieces to the Blues. It was created by an Edmonton fan. Don't create brutal proposals involving other teams because of something one of your fellow fans created

That's wonderful, glad you like Hall that much. Its still awful for the Blues. Oh, I see, you're running around creating proposals ignoring other teams needs simply based on how you value certain Edmonton players? This is a public forum, if you create proposals on here, expect opinions from the other teams perspective. The point of threads like these is to hear other people's opinions and perspective. If you don't want responses to your horrible proposals, either don't post them and keep them in your head, or go post them on the Oilers board.

And no, from your original post, it certainly looks like that is what you were proposing.

Edit: and I said the Blues would not trade Pietrangelo for that disagreed. You then respond talking about how much Hall means to the Oilers. How does that have anything to do with Pietrangelo's value? Or did you just decide to switch off that topic after it got uncomfortable for you?

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