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Originally Posted by The Nemesis View Post
yes they do. The vast majority of shooting range comes from your legs. LeBron shoots mostly with his upper body. Look at someone like Vince Carter. Why do you think he has such ridiculous range? (all the way out to like 10 feet past the 3Pt line at his prime) It's all about getting good lift out of your legs, and then having the rest of your shot in sync enough to transfer all that momentum into the ball on the shot.

LeBron is strong enough in his upper body that he can basically "muscle" the ball to the hoop, but his bad form and the fact that he seems to take his legs out of it also means he bricks a ton of shots and leaves a bunch short (when I made that comment, James had just clanked one off the front of the rim) because he's not getting that same smooth momentum that a better deep shooter (like, say, Ray Allen) has.

and for his career he's generally been a 31-33% shooter. 40% right now is an aberration and in part due to a low volume of shots taken to this point. Generally for his career when he puts up 300+ 3 pointer attempts per year, he's going to shoot somewhere in the low 30s. And outside of a terrible 3-point showing as a rookie, he's been pretty consistent in that regard.
My bad, the way I read your comment you seemed to be implying that since Lebron is strong he should be a better 3 point shooter. Threes do come from mostly your legs, but there's a lot of unathletic 3 point snipers out there. Novak is pretty much an average joe but he is a sharpshooter. Form and release is more important than strength. Lebron used to chuck up a lot of threes especially in Cleveland but now he stops with his "heat checks" he used to do all the time and shoots threes when he's open or at the end of the shot clock.

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