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Originally Posted by WG View Post
I still cannot believe that Gorges would go out and make some on the record comment re. a teammate's contract situation. If I recall correctly form a couple of days ago the takeaway message was that JG felt that a bridge deal was good enough for him so PK should take one too. I sincerely hope that was not Gorges' intent to put that out there (given his situation was completely different from PK's).

But if that is the takeaway message then I guess it's fair to ask Gorges and his buddies form the NHLPA why they didn't just accept the first ****** offer the owners gave and get hockey staring on time. By holding out for a better deal they cheated the fans of a half season of hockey, cheated all of the arena workers a salary, and cheated themselves out of half a year of salary, too.

I mean, you should just take what's offered, as it must be good enough, no?
Oh... how dare a guy like Gorges say something like that?
  • Other teams' fans don't think PK has proven enough yet = Habs haters
  • A teammate gives an opinion that isn't 100% favorable to PK = misquoted/I don't believe it/How dare he?/Source?
  • Some media source giving info about what they've learned and it's not favorable to PK = slandering campaign against PK.
  • Ex-coach saying PK has a lot to learn on and off the ice about team concepts = the guy's an idiot anyways. That's why he got fired!
  • Some teammates are not too fond of PK's ways and the way he handles himself in the dressing room = they're jealous or too stuck up
  • A GM has reservations about PK's development and his future ceiling, given all the inside info he has = he's an idiot and playing hardball to prove he's boss.
  • An NHL coach saying PK has a lot to learn on and off the ice and would like to work with him closely to better his development = what does he know? PK is the Habs' #1 defenseman

Yup, PK can do no wrong. Give him what he wants. He deserves it.
Oh no, there are no fanboys here. Just people that truly know what's behind the scenes and how to evaluate talent...

No middle ground with Habs fans. Just look up the old Komisarek threads to discover a similar phenomenon. Oh wait, how dare I compare Komi and PK? I don't know what I'm talking about if I compare the two...

I won't say anything else, because I'm not allowed to. And since I can't say everything, I'll get flamed. Heck, I'll get flamed in a few moments anyway.

Doesn't matter. All I'll say is: where there's smoke, there's fire.

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