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01-23-2013, 10:28 PM
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Originally Posted by MattMartin View Post
Im the guy who stirred this debate but please read what i wrote before passing judgement and I never said that Fowler right now would or should be traded for Nino. All i basically said it was way to early to tell. Again this is my opinion and i brought up some facts to show my theory as well. Good luck guys/gals with your team and Cam and i mean that sincerely.

1st off whats this love affair with Can Fowler??? He fell to 12th so in hindsight 6 other teams had a chance to grab him and let him go. Here are the players picked before him and by position.
6.RW Brett Connolly Tampa
7.C Jeff SKinner Carolina
8.C Alexander Burmistrov Atlanta
9.W Mikael Granlund Minnesota (love this kid, just getting his shot this year)
10.D Dylan McIlrath Rangers
11.G Jack Campbell Dallas
If anyone should be kicking themselves its the Rags!!

Fowler had a great rookie season playing with great talent around him and i know he is still very young with lots of upside so we shall see in years to come what kind of player he really is.These are his stats in his 1st 2 years and notably again he was/is playing with lots more talent then he would have here, see Getzlaf,Ryan,Perry,Selanne and Visnovsky that 1st season.

10/11 76 10 30 40 -25
11/12 82 5 24 29 -28

Obviously very good/great stats 1st year maybe a sophmore slump in the 2nd but his +/- is horrifying so people acting like he the next coming of Lidstrom or Pronger i dont see that happening but we shall see.

Edit: just found this article
"Cam Fowler is no stranger to posting poor puck possession stats. Last season he posted the worst adjusted Corsi rating in the league. These numbers show that Fowler has had problems adjusting to NHL play. Fowler is a future NHL star who has been playing a big role in the NHL as a teenager. In fact when I wrote about the lack of established elite defencemen today commenter CMo44 listed Fowler as an elite defenceman who is well on his way."

"He has clearly been given a big role on the Anaheim Ducks. Many interpret this as a sign he is a star. What people donít notice is that he is struggling defensively. When Fowler is on the ice, the other team has the puck and they score more goals than his team does. Fowler struggles at even strength. He isnít ready to play the role that he has been given. Perhaps he never will be ready."

"Cam Fowler is a young defenceman. His story as a top draft pick who has immediately jumped into a big role in the NHL makes many think he is already an NHL star. He isnít. He has been a liability to his team. He does have a lot of potential and might improve as he grows into his NHL career. However right now he is not a star defenceman despite what many want to believe."
1) Do you, yourself, believe any of those players picked ahead of Fowler, are better than him?

2) Since when did +/- become the best stat to judge a Defenseman by? If it's such a great stat, how come we just don't award the Norris to the Dman with the highest +/-? How could Lidstrom possibly win the Norris with a negative +/-?

3) No matter what you say about Fowler, you have to admit that Fowler's worth more than Nino. If you actually believe that it's a fair deal.... so what? Is Ryan Strome for Shea Weber a fair deal, too?

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