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01-23-2013, 10:39 PM
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Originally Posted by Viqsi View Post
Um. Actually. While it is in fact inarguably true that "higher CORSI" does not automatically mean "better" despite the desperate wishes of a few, it would benefit your argument to not dismiss that sort of thing out of hand. Enstrom is legitimately badass.
So having a higher "CORSI" rating doesn't mean that you're a better player than the next, is what you just said, am I wrong?

So, therefore there is no reason to have these kind of "advanced stats" and "ratings" if they're not going to clarify anything in terms of value or skill when comparing players.

The exact same reasons that Sabremetrics DO NOT WORK in Baseball and they apparently do not work in hockey.

The stat's not entirely useless by itself. What's useless is how it gets abused, overused, and employed in ridiculous leaps of ill-founded logic. Blaming CORSI and related for the idiots (including some of the folks who helped develop those metrics) is like blaming the concept of recording points for why Karlsson won the Norris over Weber. Statistics do not correct for stupidity.
No, Karlsson won the Norris over Weber because the Norris is SUPPOSED TO BE given to the defenseman that has the greatest impact on the game. Not who has the most points. That's why there should be a Bobby Orr trophy for top scorer amongst defenders, to separate the two. Karlsson IS who you plan your strategy around. There's no coincidence that Karlsson's play had A LOT to do with Spezza's strong season last year. Sure, you could argue it the other way as well, but if you actually watch the Sens, Karlsson controls the pace of the game in all 3 zones as good as any defender that we've seen in a LONG time.

That's why he won the Norris.

In this case, the relevant stupidity is comparing Stepan at 2 NHL seasons to Gagner at 5 NHL seasons, and apparently assuming Stepan's done in his development while Gagner has room to grow.
My biggest problem is the excuses come out left and right for Gagner, but the same logic can't be applied to Stepan.

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