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01-23-2013, 10:45 PM
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Originally Posted by ss53mech View Post
I disagree with some on here. I love that Geno is getting in ET's face for his play. ET has literally been destroying Geno's work. He just doesn't mesh with his style of play. I would love to see him fit in the mold of malone, but he just doesn't his game doesn't flow well with malkin and neal. An aside to this is also the play of kunitz. While duper has looked fine with sid, kunitz has been a hot mess on his line. So here is my theory: switch kunitz and tangradi. Hear me out. We know kunitz works with Malkin/Neal. We know ET doesn't work with Malkin/Neal. We don't know if he will work with sid. I think Duper should stay with sid, if he leaves that line Sutter is the guy who should take his spot. I really feel he has all the right tools to play with sid. Who knows maybe the coaching staff sees things the same as i do. I'd love to see if something along the lines of:


While I don't agree that Sid and Geno both need 2 good(2nd wheel) type wingers I think they both need 1. Geno has his (Neal) but Gradi is literally a negative factor on that line. I'm not saying he can't fix it but right now it isn't looking good. Sid has his 3rd wheel (duper) but no 2nd. kunitz just isn't getting it done right now. He is functioning as a good 3rd wheel player, maybe re-uniting him with Geno get's him going. Dunno. /Rant
I'm a bit confused. You say that Tangradi is literally destroying Geno's work. I won't touch on the poor use of literally, but instead say: so you're going to take a guy who is LITERALLY destroying Geno's work, and putting him on a line with Sid at the expense of an actual top-6 guy?

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