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Originally Posted by Trillmike View Post
Hall is a great player and it's cool he went first overall, but Benn is the more complete player. Just compare the two after 2 NHL seasons. Benn had 97pts's and 310 hits in his first two NHL seasons. Hall had 95 pt's and 92 hits in his first two NHL seasons.

There's more to two-way play than hitting, but I've grown tired with this argument.

So, to answer your question, three years ago Benn was a better player.

To whoever mentioned how Hall will be the captain in a few years, do you not think Benn will have the C too?
Well your answer is wrong!

You are ignoring the player age and games played again.. Hall at age 20 has accomplished a hell lot more than Benn at age 20... 3 years ago Benn was not better than Hall now..

nice use of selective stats... the 'hits' are to help generate offense and to get you points. The end goal is to get points. Great that Benn can use his big frame but in the end points and wins are all that matter.

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