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Originally Posted by Hiasdamoon View Post
Hey guys, I play at 3 different arenas, a beginner league and also 2 adult learn to play clinics....the issue I am having is the difference in quality of ice....

I weight 250 so I am usually on a 5/8 sharpening, and thats good at 1 place...but the other 1 I cant get an edge. and the 3rd it just depends on the day lol

I currently have a 1/2 sharpening as i'd rather have an edge everywhere but I am getting worn down with the excess movement...Im already working on cardio and losing some weight, just curious what you guys think I should do for the skate issues Im having here...

Don't use the 1/2 as a crutch. Common habit as a beginner. Stay at 5/8 and if anything reduce the time between sharpenings depending on how many hours a week you are skating. For example, I weigh 185 and use 5/8 on rinks that are rock hard and others that seem like it is 100 degrees out. Keep working on your edge work and you may eventually think that 5/8 has too much bite for you.

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