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01-23-2013, 10:58 PM
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i think everyone can agree its looked atrocious, and its not like we dont have to players to have a good powerplay... at first glance theres two things i would change, shrink the playing field pinch the defenders in so that the shots arent always coming from the blue line, obviously dont pinch so far that well get caught on a tipped pass and have half the other team going the other way but get the defenders on their toes and moving around and the defensemen can move, not getting the defenders moving is my second point, theres not quick sneaky passes, everything is telegraphed the guys down low are very stationary sneak a guy around the back to the other side of the net and overload one side get the defense moving and have these guys thinking about where the forwards are, most of the time they know guys are in certain places because they dont move, thats just my quick assesment but what do i know.... its not execution because we have the talent its the strategy and that falls on the coaches, other teams with far less talent have good powerplays no reason we cant.

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