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Originally Posted by Pancakes View Post
Tangradi needs to actually show something in whatever role he gets to stay with the big club. You put him on the 4th line, he does nothing. You put him on Malkin's, he does nothing.

There is something to what you're saying but I also think a good deal of it is Tangradi just sucks. Joe Vitale earned his way into the lineup by showing things in limited playing time. So did Tyler Kennedy, if anyone remembers back that far.

Yet for some reason a lot of this board throws a tizzy when Bylsma or the team keep Tangradi on the 4th line or out of the lineup. They've more than given him a chance. Like Brooks said earlier in the thread, there's a reason guys like Tangradi, Caputi, etc get benched or yo-yoed around: it's because they aren't very good hockey players.
Show me when Tangradi ever, once got rolled over minutes on the fourth line. Don't bother because I will just reference MB's post showing how he got screwed. Caputi got his chance in Toronto. I watched almost every game and he got steady minutes and showed he wasn't strong enough for the NHL.

Tangradi showed enough last season to get regular shifts, but still got benched.

Christ, B Schenn played like hot garbage, went 20 games without a point and Philly kept feeding him minutes. He was avg over 14 mins a night during that dreadful skid. There was even a "Schenn is a bust" thread on the main boards BEFORE the kid hit his scoreless streak. He was putrid.

Philly knows how to develop fwds very well, which is why I've watched them very closely for the last 12 years. Their philosophy isn't rocket surgery: you feed them steady minutes in your bottom six and live with their mistakes. Then move them up if their play warrants it. They also know kids can make a big impact in the bottom six so you don't errode their confidence with steady benchings.

If anyone doubts what a young kid can do in a bottom six role, rewatch what Schenn and Coots did to the Pens in their bottom six roles.

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