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Originally Posted by wpgsilver View Post
Totally agree.

Also @Jet, I tend to see eye to eye with you, but posting pictures like that isn't in great taste. During the past season (rightly so) people were discouraged from mocking other teams attendance, and I still don't think its a good practice.

Just unnecessary IMO.
You guys need to lighten up, NOBODY has wanted to own the Phoenix Coyotes for almost 4 years, had it not been for the near bankrupt city of Glendale ponying up $25 million a season for two years the Coyotes and not the Thrashers would have been in Winnipeg. The fact that the Coyotes have yet to make a profit and have had 16 straight money losing seasons seems lost on most people. keeping the Coyotes in their current market this long makes the NHL look bush league IMO.

As a former season ticket holder of the Jets 1.0 it still bothers me that the NHL didn't work harder to keep the team in Winnipeg in the first place. Keeping the team in Phoenix this long leaves a bad taste. End of rant.

This business of marketing to fans of other teams or the large crowds when Detroit, Chicago or the western Canadian teams come to town is not what having a team is all about. Having fans of opposing teams drowning out your own fan base must be very disconcerting and probably not a good fan experience.

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