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01-23-2013, 11:49 PM
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The AHL 2012-13 "Silly Season" Thread

Figured I'd get what little discussion there is/might be about relocation activities into one thread.

So, the one story that started to intrigue me for this off-season on the AHL level was the "Aeros out of Houston?" one that got posted over on the affiliations thread:

But as I read that one and did a bit more digging, and found the following:

The thing is... neither of these articles actually source any reason for doom and gloom or "outlook grim" -- they just state that the next lease hasn't been finalized. It is true that if there can't be an agreement come to, then the Aeros would have to look elsewhere, but that's just typical negotiating talk, from where I sit. I wouldn't say "The Aeros aren't going anywhere", but I think it's been overinflated by reporters trying to generate buzz - or trying to lay groundwork for speculative "NHL to Houston" columns.

Any other AHL Silly-Season related stories out there lurking this season?

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