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01-23-2013, 11:56 PM
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Originally Posted by Talks to Goalposts View Post
The defensemen who were not on the first pair sucked. 2nd pair was about -20, 3rd also bad. This shouldn't be a difficult concept. Yet is for some reason. The rocket Richard winner can play for the lottery and yet people marvel that a 15 the squad can have a good 1st pair. Its too much work for you people to look things up or try to figure out what actually happened so you just argue from incredulity.

And I just imagined Gill playing the heaviest minutes and holding his own against the Bruins with some kid beside him. That obviously never happened.
simple math, there's no voting, no evaluation or anything, you score the most goals you get the trophy...

look what up ? oh yeah, the advanced stats that will (for example) tell me that the player who I think spent the game with the puck on his stick has a good possession time ? really ? or maybe I didnt see during a game that players such as Gill couldnt do any better that send the puck along the board and that when paired with someone better the other guy had to do the transition ?

thank god there's stats to tell me what I saw really happened

Good, we both agree Gill is a top pairing D

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