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Originally Posted by CrazyCanucks View Post
What part would be speculative? That Van is a goalie graveyard? Or that he might be better off in TO as it might be less pressure than here. "Might" is always going to be speculative word. I wasnt stating as fact. But what is fact is Van is a goalie graveyard. That part is known.
Why would you ask what wasn't speculative and then say the word might was speculative? Your goalie graveyard, honestly, just makes me /yawn. I don't even see what that has to do with anything. It's not even worth contemplation in, well, anything. I'm not even going to entertain that "fact" in any rational discussion.

As far as the cap... blah, blah, blah, blah.... Honestly? You have 60 million in 14 players. You going to rub our noses in "we are always going to be a cap team" garbage? Talk about the problem created by the new CBA and not flaunt out your list of players. If you think you can round out your roster with 4 million, discuss that.

Mason doesn't work anywhere. If you think you are going to anything we actually want to give up, I will ask you to kindly avoid potential trade conversation. If our front office does it (give up something that we want to keep) I will lose respect for Davidson (I don't have any for Howson, so no harm there). If it was me, I probably wouldn't entertain the trade right now. But if I were to entertain it, I would give you a conditional 7th round pick. The condition being you don't get it if you finish anywhere in the top 14 in the West. Yes, that is how little I think of his contract. Unlike you, we probably aren't going to be a cap team. That further inflates his already inflated salary. I think he's a pretty good goal tender and I would like to have him. I could entertain the salary for 3 more years, but I can't really stomach that term. If he only had 3 more years, I would be far more interested and would move from my "I wouldn't want to give you jack for him" stance.

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