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06-25-2006, 07:06 PM
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Originally Posted by whitesnake
What makes me laugh harder but makes me as equally sad is people who are putting words in mouth of other people and then based their whole response on a false statement.
To begin with, here's my quote from Timmins:

"Il s'agit d'un bon groupe, dit Timmins. Les 10 premiers joueurs pourraient un jour faire partie de l'élite de la LNH. Pour les autres, on parle de bonnet blanc, blanc bonnet. Il n'y a pas beaucoup de différence. C'est plus ou moins la parité. Ils possèdent tous des habiletés."

In your post you singled out a group of people for saying that scouts always pick the BPA regardless of his position.

You then proceeded to tell them their opinion was wrong this year, and based it on Timmins' stating that they were planning to draft based on needs.

You then proceeded to try and paint the group you had singled out into a corner with "I guess some of you guys, based on that, do not really agree with Timmins".

You basically made your entire argument based on a statement by Timmins and co without taking into account the fact that they believed (see my quote) that many of the guys available where the BPA, and that there was no real talent drop off until later in the draft. Based on this information, the people (I'm assuming you didn't create a strawman) you singled out's original assersion is absolutely correct because Timmins and co believed they were drafting the BPA every time.

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