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Originally Posted by Big Phil View Post
If the question is Howe vs. Orr then I take Howe because I think if you look objectively it is impossible to say Orr had a better career when Mr. Hockey played 26 years and most of them as the best or among the top 2-3 in the game. Not to mention Howe at his peak was fantastic as well and maybe Orr was better but it isn't a deal breaker.

Enter Lemieux. He would have had Howe's career had he stayed healthy. But since he didn't I think he becomes a better comparison for Orr. Lemieux didn't even reach 1,000 games played. He retired and missed 3 and a half years of NHL where he is still probably the best player in the game or co-best with Jagr.

That being said Mario still comes very close to Orr's career. I just think at each player's best that Orr comes out on top and it isn't as if Mario has a ton of other elite seasons on top of Orr to make up for it. Throw in Orr's better all around game and I'll give it to him. Not by a heck of a lot, but enough for me to put Orr as the #3 player of all time.
You know, I've always taken Orr above Howe, but you do make some interesting points. Not necessarily enough to cause me to change my stance, but at least enough to take a second look.

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