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Originally Posted by Talks to Goalposts View Post
I'm not sure what kind of point you think you're making with Gill. You're being pretty unclear here.

Subban playing with Gill allowed him to concentrate solely on the things he did well, letting him play in a role he normally had no business playing and doing far better at it than his own merits. That's all making your team mates better is, unless you thought Markov would magically loan Souray and Streit a portion of his talent when they PPed together.

And my point is obviously that a losing team can have good elements. Blaming parts for the failures of the whole is obviously fallacious. NHL hockey is too big a game for the efforts of a single player to bring team success.

If you want to know what happened you can't just rely on your eyes. Your memory simply isn't good enough and if your a fan emotions will screw you up the first time you see it. You have to check what the results really were and also watch again.

Especially if you want to make cross team comparisons. No one can watch enough of the league and remember all of it too the point you can compare everything by eye.

There is also the fact that your model for what is a good hockey player can be out of sync with the realities of it. If your eye doesn't match results then you might need to recheck your eyes.

Lastly, if anyone disparages looking at stats and then goes and makes an argument based on goals and assists later, I'm calling you're a hypocrite. Your just using worse and less reliable numbers in favour of better ones.
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