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01-24-2013, 12:37 AM
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Originally Posted by CanucksnWpg View Post
So I used to hang out with my cousin who is roughly 6 years younger.

Because I backed out of playing volleyball before their season started. I told him it was too far away from where I live to travel by bus. (Transcona to Sturgeon Heights CC). He must have told whomever on his team that I was fully committed before the season started, but I told him I'm not 100% committed until I know where it is. Now they expect me to pay the $40 when I've never played a game or attended a game. I said no because that's not how it works. I wasn't 100% committed. So he texts me back going on this long rant that included: I'm done with you. You don't go out because you're very selfish. I've put up with a lot from you over the years. Blah blah blah.

I replied with okay. Bye.

Me selfish. Right. Says the 21 year old man who can't hold onto a job, has no friends, has "meds" for his "anxiety" and is probably failing out of university. His anxiety is all in his head and he uses it as an excuse for not being successful in life. I have social anxiety but I hold onto 2 jobs, got straight A's in my last year of university, have a degree and when we went out I bought movie tickets and lunch/dinner almost every time. How the eff is that selfish? I don't go out because I only have 1 day off a week because I work 2 jobs and am trying to pay off my debt.

I'm actually really happy he wants nothing to do with me. It just sucks that he unfriended me first on facebook.
Sounds like you handled it about right to me.
IMO when you hit around 27 (my guess on you age due to story) it slowly becomes apparantly that you don't shar much in common with younger people. It is like a threshold where it starts making sense to hang around with people closer to your age or older. At 30 most people have more in common with someone who is 50 than someone who is 23.

As for the anxiety thing. It's surprising that as a person with a mental illness do not take someone else's illness seriously or take into account the different levels of severity different people have.

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