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01-24-2013, 12:42 AM
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Originally Posted by live playoff hockey View Post
so question- I really like playing as Philly and acquiring their players in GM leagues and such, but Brayden Schenn never seems to improve for me. Is this a thing that happens to everyone or am I jus being unlucky? I have heard this before, but would like some input.

Also why doesn't Columbus get the picks they deserve from LA and NYR? I didn't mind all too much until I realized that the Rangers tanked and got Mackinnon and the Kings got Pullock who is one of the surest things from my experience.
At the start of your GM, you have the option to set draft picks to either classic (where every team has all their picks) or authentic (where the future picks that have already been traded to other teams belong to those teams).

Sounds like you've selected classic.

As for player development - Brayden Schenn never seems to develop all that well for some reason.

But in general - playing high potential prospects in key ice time positions (top 2 lines, top D pairings, etc), is a great way to make srue they develop well. Philly rarely play Schenn in their top 6 in Be a GM.

Originally Posted by Gusto73 View Post
I'm just seeing some abnormalities that really screws up their potential system. I think alot of this could be curve with players gaining stats in season, but keeping majority year to year
Much like in real life, there is a little bit of randomness and variety that the game introduces into the prospect development system.

How much you play a prospect, how well he does, and how well the team does all play a role.

For example, take the exact same prospect and put him into 2 different scenarios:

FIRST - That prospect in your minor league team, is playing first line center, putting up point-per-game numbers, and goes on 2 or 3 really good playoff runs. By 23 or 24 he's probably ready to hit your NHL team, and even give you top 6 minutes.

SECOND - That prospect is in your minor league team, which is awful, and he has no linemates that help him put up points. He struggles to put up 40 points a season, your team fail to make the playoffs. Come 23 or 24, he might be ready for the NHL, or he might not. He won't be as solid a lock as the FIRST scenario discussed.

Minor league success, both on the team and individually, is huge on prospect growth. That's what makes grooming a good young goaltender so challenging in NHL 13.

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