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01-24-2013, 12:49 AM
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Originally Posted by hogtownhabsfan View Post
He's a supremely confident guy.

Is that a bad thing in an athlete?

He's obviously not too big of a jerk since pretty much the entire Canadian entertainment industry has fallen completely in love with him...
You're right about that, but I believe that at this point Subban needs to understand that although he is certainly very valuable to our team and compares quite nicely to almost all the defensemen in his age group (especially his playoffs defense and his sheer domination of the penalty kill), he has not really proven himself to be a good #1 defenseman yet (in my opinion) and should not get paid accordingly as of now. As far as I see it, he's a great #2 but is pretty average as far as #1 defensemen go, which is not really a knock on him considering his age.

While the length of the contract can be debated both ways with solid arguments, I truly believe that Subban's offense (namely his own shortcomings relative to the powerplay and his predictable wind-up slapshot, among other things) and his discipline (or lack thereof) hasn't quite reached a level which would award him the type of money he feels entitled to.

Now don't get me wrong, I absolutely love the guy and think that anything lower than 4.5 milions on a relatively short (2-3 years) deal would be perfect as far as the money and term of the contract go. He instanly betters our whole defensive corps.

IMO, paying Subban upwards of 5.5 millions (up to 6 millions as per Subban's demands as far as I've heard) for a lengthy number of years in these conditions, while he hasn't proven that his offense can take the next step forward and while we hold his rights as a RFA fully, with no arbitration, would be asinine.

It would set a precedent for our young players to follow in the upcoming years (IE no ''bridge contracts'') and send the wrong message to older guys who've had second contracts (Price and Pacioretty), but the worst part of it all would be that it opens the door to further hold-outs, illustrating Marc Bergevin's desperation and inability to hold firm and true; ''Give an inch and they take a mile'' as the proverb says.

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