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Originally Posted by JustAHabFan View Post
It's boiling down to whether PK has shown you enough in the last 2 years to warrant a long term contract. I think he did. The fact that MB insisted on bridge contract told us that he did not think PK has shown enough.
I think it has more to do about setting a positive precedent (for the team) with youngsters that would eventually benefit the team long-term than it has to do with Bergevin's trust in Subban personally.

I believe Bergevin is trying to institute a ''culture'', a tradition by accumulation of precedents that would allow the Canadiens in later years to retain young talent at a cheaper price in a relatively short term and better evaluate them before handing the bank over to them.

Ultimately it all boils down to wether or not you believe that a young player should or not bite the bullet (while still getting paid handsomely) and help the team that allowed him to show his talents to the world before cashing in.

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