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Originally Posted by mesamonster View Post
If the reported attendance tonight is anything more than 5,000 we will know that they are cookin the books! Shout out to GJ`s supposed investors, taker a long look at the empty seats tonight and then calculate how little good $308MM over 20 years is going to help you. Lets see 5000 a night at $36 ATP might fund an AHL team but certainly not an NHL team. GJ`s absence at the opener and now this, turn out the lights Glendale, it will save you more money than you know!
Cooking the books? In Glendale? Come on now. The Coyotes learn from the best: Beasley's Institute of Culinary Bookkeeping. Some numbers you want to simmer, some you'd want to boil, and some you just want to deep fry. With attendance like this, deep frying is probably best. And sometimes you'd want to smoke it. Makes for a handy smokescreen to cover a hasty exit from the city.

So Jamison showed up... to their 2nd (or 3rd?) home game. Talk about a day late and a dollar short. How many no-names here know more about optics than old Jamison? He couldn't get a ticket to the home opener? Come on. They had more than enough openings, or did the home opening prices price him out of the game? How much did his seat cost here? Did he splurge, using a Jackson, or perhaps *gasp*, even a Grant?

Does anyone think Jan 31st goes by and sometime later in the year, Jamison finally announces he has the investors, but he's failed to notice the team was relocated to Iqaluit or perhaps Jamaica (with their bobsled team, maybe they would be in the cool running for a hockey franchise?)? It would be like a hockey-themed Twilight Zone episode. Then Jamison learns cooking the books was misinterpreted and he's on the menu... oh, and he's on a parallel Earth, having arrived on a plane that never existed with an imaginary gremlin pulling at its wing and a howling man taking up the bathroom, and there's a brontosaurus where the NHL's headquarters should be (hey, it's a parallel Earth. Brontosauruses never existed here, but they may there . We were left with some lousy apatosauruses)

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