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01-24-2013, 02:06 AM
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Originally Posted by yianik View Post
See Roy, though he apologized for his actions he was gone, out of principle.
Umm...Don't think it was really principle...I saw it more like the player/coach/gm all having a tantrum. A head coach who couldn't give a damn and to make a point, kept his hot headed goalie in net for 9 bloody goals. A hot headed goalie who in front of the world told he played his last game as a Hab. And a GM that did absolutely nothing to make the situation better and instead practically gave arguably one of the best goalies ever (at that time) to Colorado for peanuts, and threw in the Habs captain as bonus. If this is Habs principle, I can't fathom how on earth they have gotten so many cups over the years. Principle is one thing, abject stupidity is another. Specially considering Roy went on to win another cup immediately (and another further along) while the Habs been fighting to get into the playoffs for the next two decades... If this was principle and the Habs are still working on principle than they would need to change their philosophy ASAP because it doesn't seem to be working out too well for them.

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