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There's no way it can become profitable in the near future. There are too many teams with old areas that can't hold enough people to turn a profit. When only one team made ends meet last year (after having the second lowest payroll and operating budget in the league), there's just too long of a way to go. But since no one is in a hurry to get there, nor do they care to make a profit, it's simply not going to happen. Lowering expenditures will simply diminish the quality of the on ice product. The KHL is now solidly the second best league in the world. If teams start lowering payrolls, they'll be tossed right back in between Sweden, Finland, the AHL, etc in no time. The prestige is obviously a lot more important to the country and its hockey program than profits.

As for improving the webstore, it's completely beyond their control. There's a reason it's run out of Latvia. The Russian shipping system is stuck 50 years in the past. People cannot send multiple items freely, so operating it with any sort of regularity is impossible. This is probably why getting a proper, consistent stock in the store itself is hard as well (Russians, please correct me if anything has changed. I was told about two years ago that there are limits as to how much a person or company can send - something like one parcel a month, and there are strict regulations to ensure no one abuses the system).

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