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01-24-2013, 02:29 AM
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Originally Posted by vadim sharifijanov View Post
maybe i shouldn't be asking this out loud, but with three simultaneous teemu threads right now, and yet more teemu discussion in the bondra thread maybe i should: why is it that selanne supporters are usually the most aggressive and defensive posters on this board?
Speaking personally, three years ago I had to spend a thread debating against the idea that Teemu Selanne:

1. Was not a HOF lock (MXD)
2. Made Joe Thornton look like Maurice Richard in the playoffs (Nalyd)
3. Had no value outside of being a marquee name (Nalyd)
4. Was a passenger on the 2007 Ducks (DS)
5. Wasn't better than Bure at anything but longevity (TDMM)
6. Isn't a Top 100 player (TDMM)

So if I'm a bit touchy, it's because I know his ability is not respected enough by certain people.

As for there being so many threads about him, that's what happens here. First there's one thread about some player, often because his name came up in the news. Then a second question gets asked and branches into a new thread. Then he's on everyone's mind, so his name comes up in unrelated threads. Happens with Selanne, Lidstrom, Hasek, Esposito, Lindros, Messier, Jagr, Howe, etc. (and that's just the last few months...)

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