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Originally Posted by quoipourquoi View Post
5. Wasn't better than Bure at anything but longevity (TDMM)
This is the actual post you are quoting:

Originally Posted by me in 2009
Yeah, Selanne's longevity is the one thing he has on Bure. Bure was as good or better than Selanne at everything while they played. But you're right, longevity does matter.

Honestly, I think Bure has more elite seasons than Selanne. Selanne has a lot of average seasons where he was hobbled but playing.
If anything changed in my opinion of Selanne in his prime since then, it's that I now think that the only problem with his playoff record in his prime was lack of opportunity. Honestly, you are still bent out of shape 3 years ago about a post that looks like I spent about 30 second typing? I don't have any idea what I meant by "Bure was as good or better than Selanne at everything while they played." Did I mean Bure was as good or better at every individual aspect of being a hockey player? Or did I mean the whole package? I honestly don't know. Which is why calling people out for throwaway posts from 3-4 years ago is foolish.

6. Isn't a Top 100 player (TDMM)
This is the actual post you are quoting and the meaning is so different than what you claim I was saying that I can only conclude that you are deliberately misrepresenting what I said.

Originally Posted by me in 2009
Interesting that Selanne is winning this in a landslide, when Bucyk is the guy who is going to end up on the Top 100 list.
I have no idea what this quote from 3 years ago that you are taking out of context and then misrepresenting was referring to exactly, but it was probably an observation of the inconsistency between that particular poll and the top 100 list that was in the process of being made. Selanne wasn't on the 2008 list and Bucyk was.

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