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01-24-2013, 03:02 AM
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Originally Posted by Hull Fan View Post
Not only should he get banned and fined but he owes that kid an apology. He's going to be lucky if charges aren't pressed or the kid doesn't sue.
He already apologized and invited the "boy" into the Chelsea lockerroom with all the Chelsea team.
The boy ALSO apologised.

Frankly, it's laughable the big deal made out of it.
Yes, the "boy" was being stupid, yes Hazard was stupid to lose his cool (something he never does) and try to kick the ball from under the "boy" (because he didn't try to kick the "boy", he tried to kick the ball, otherwise, you don't target the underneath of the guy), but all in all, it was worth a red and a couple of match bans and that's it.

Trying to use the "human being" blah blah blah, is amazing to me.

The comparison with Cantona kung fu is also amazing to me (trying to hurt someone vs trying to strip the ball away), and to be honest I supported Cantona for it, because there's no way players should be insulted like that. Sure he shouldn't have hit the guy, but it was well deserved.

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