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01-24-2013, 03:13 AM
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Originally Posted by Paul4587 View Post
If Perry hits the open market I would almost guarantee someone offers him $9M per year. If Gomez can get $7.5M when the cap was much lower on a legitimate deal then Perry will get offered $9M by someone.
Originally Posted by Ducksgo View Post
I guarantee a franchise with money will do it. And you know damn right we can't match that. If he's offered 9 he's as good as gone.
I would never guarantee something like that. It was a contract like Gomez's that started the backloading idea in the first place, because teams knew they couldn't hand out $9 million cap hits to anyone, not if they wanted to be competitive. Brad Richards got $7.8 million when the cap was barely anything, and that didn't lead to teams handing out anything close to the max when the cap went up.

To put it in perspective, 15 players make over $8 million a year(that's salary, not cap hit). 5 of those have legitimate contracts, all of them being basically franchise players, and the others are back-diving. Only 4 guys have cap hits over $8 million, all of them franchise players, and with the exception of Eric Staal, all of them generational talents. Back before the cap ever existed, a guy getting $10 million was a lot more common than you'd think, and even though the salary cap is right around the highest payrolls of the time and the average payroll is way higher, a team still can't give that to a guy. Times have changed, the middle class gets paid more now, and as a result teams can't commit that much of their cap space to one guy, unless he's an exception(and I believe all four of those deals were signed before back-diving contracts became a fad, with Crosby's new one also being a back-diving one). Hell, you look at Hossa a few years back, at no point was he ever getting $9 million a year, whether it be on a back-diving deal or a 1-year one.

With this league, and some of these owners, like Wang in New York, you never do know, but a lot of the evidence indicates that there's a line in the sand, and that line is around $8 million a year as a cap hit. It could be broken eventually, but between it being this year, so close to all the complaining owners did about contracts being crazy, and past cases, I'd say it's a pretty good bet that Perry ain't getting $9 million a year.

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