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01-24-2013, 03:28 AM
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- Make the defensive breakout AI smarter. It's almost a guaranteed breakaway if you take a fairly speedy player, take the puck on a wide loop from inside the offensive zone, out to the red line, then skate straight at the net. The opposing defense will keep skating to try and trap it in the neutral zone, while you're flying past them untouched. Extremely annoying in PvP when someone knows how to exploit it.

- Make the goalies more consistent. I can score on an unscreened wristshot from the blueline from Mark Stuart, but if I have a 2-on-0 with Gaborik and Nash and send it across the crease for the tap-in, the goalie will make a miraculous diving save and manage to not give up a rebound.

- Make players able to manually tip the puck. I can probably count the times I've managed to score a good deflection goal (ie. not just banking it in off a thigh) on one hand. Deflections account for at least 5% of goals in the NHL, and this should be reflected in the game

Be A GM:

- Fix the damn trade block system. I decided to rebuild Detroit, and the best return I could get for Pavel Datsyuk (in the offseason after a Hart, Art Ross and Selke season) was Radek Faksa and a 6th round pick because despite him having immense trade value, he was too old. Alternatively, Jakub Kindl had equal trade value to Cam Ward, and more trade value than Dustin Brown (neither of whom I could trade Kindl for, despite him meeting the trade block requirements of both teams)

- Fix the roster editing system. If I trade a player from my NHL team and have to call up an AHL player, often the game says I am unable to switch from viewing the lines because my AHL team does not have players on all its line, forcing me to select "Best Lines" and re-edit them all. Since the computer often fills the AHL team with free-agent scrubs and I want my high-potential prospects playing, this is annoying and very time consuming.

- Make player ratings affect their actual play in simulation. I don't want to trade all my valuable assets for Carey Price or Pekka Rinne only to have them post sub-.900 SVP and over 3.00 GAA. Likewise, if my offense is rated 5 stars and has several 85+ players, I should have more than one player score 50 points.

- Allow me to edit lines in the summer free-agency period. It's handy for letting me know what players I need to target and which players I can let go.

- Have teams rebuild more often. As an offshoot of this, have fewer free-agents re-sign with their team. It's almost impossible to add impactful NHL talent without either trading for them as a rental at the trade deadline or raising them up within the organization as a prospect.

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