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Originally Posted by o 16 Avery NYR o View Post
4. This is why we got Nash, he may not have scored but his presence was definitely felt tonight on the ice

I mean, you don't automatically become a better team with a true super star. That star needs alot of room, and you loose something in the areas in which has been our trademark with a star like that.

But like I went on and on and on about in the wealth of posts before we got him, in terms of raw talent Rick Nash is like top 3-5 in the league. His stats didn't say a darn thing. You have Sid and Malkin and AO, but then you gotta sit down and really look carefully at like Nash vs Stamkos and so forth. He is that darn gifted. For CBJ he gave it his all for like 20 games and then they were out of the PO's no matter what he did, all teams could target him three times over on a night by night basis and so forth. Then he just fell into a comfortable pattern that where he carried his team but didn't go beyond that. But anyone who has seen him in like WCH's for Canada knows how much hockey he got in him. When you saw him line up next to guys like Joe T, Getzlaf, Heatly, Perry and co -- and like be heads and shoulders above them.

Again, Nash might not put over the top. Nash might not even make us all that much better. But, without Nash we could potentially be a team that went to war and give ten tries went all the way after a heroic effort by everyone. With Nash, -- if -- we put everything together, we could become a team that runs over other teams. We get potential to be a team we couldn't be without him.

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