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Originally Posted by DAChampion View Post
Subban came off really well in that interview. He came off as being his own man, having confidence, and loving the team. I loved the quote about him wanting to kill everybody who comes into the zone.

Would you rather hear:

"I just want to give 110% and support the team"

I bet you would.
He did come out looking like a guy who thinks very highly of himself, that's for sure! However, you can't say you want to give 110% all the time and support your team if you don't show up to training camp and miss the beginning of the seasons because you feel you are not being offered what you think you are worth even perhaps if your agent suggets you should really accept this offer. You are 23 and you have done well, very well so far but you are not done, you still have to grow as a player and a person. I also think its inappropriate to go to the press and to talk about the status of the negotiations and how much you want to be with the team. The motivation here is gratuitous self-justification, and an unsuccessful attempt to sway the public's opinion in your favor (although you do say you don't really care what the fans think, you have to your thing) This piece will widen the gap between you and Habs management as I am sure this will not alter their position. In fact I fear you have just lost bargaining power here as you exhibit once more your unappreciated prima dona tendencies. The point is that you could be with the team if you accepted a little bit more reasonable offer and proved yourself to be a genuine top 10D in the league and surpass your play of the last two years. You would be king with the fans and management and get your dues then. Now you just come across as a publicity hungry little brat.

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