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Originally Posted by Merya View Post
Well. Matti Hagman is the best Finnish center to ever play the game. He was better than Mess, but got overshadowed by Gretzky obviously. There are quotes of him given by his team mates from when he was in Edmonton.
Raimo Helminen is a legend in Finnish hockey, but not in the top ten. I think he lacked the drive to become 100%
Rautakallio, Ketola, Marjamäki and Oksanen (along with many others) are first truly great finnish players. Rautakallio in modern times would be like Pronger. Ketola like Getzlaf. But these guys were playing hockey as a hobby.

Helminen with modern training could've been a Thornton or Oates, except he was always bit lazy.
Matti Hagman, with his skillset, and modern training would probably be the best player in the NHL.
I am not sure if I am reading this right. Are you saying that there are quotes form teammates in Edmonton suggesting that Matti Hagman was better than Messier when he was in Edmonton?

If so this was certainly not the case. I watched every home game he played for the Oilers live and there is no way that even at 25 that Hagman was as good as a 20 year old Mark Messier.

In Messier's second year with the Oilers and Hagman's first one might argue that they were closer statistically. But Messier still had a significant physical presence that was a big factor for the Oilers.

This is an interesting thread. Based on NHL play only since I don't really have much of a feel for Finnish international play, I would have given Kurri a slight edge over Selanne based on the difference in their defensive games.

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