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Originally Posted by habtastic View Post
It seems that what you want from an NHL player is to go all reality TV and give us entertainment. I love Roenick and Roy and guys like that. VERY different from holding out after a lockout, claiming you're worth more, endorsements, blah blah. That's not being confident. That's showing a lack of context for where you are and who you play for. Granted, the past management has not lived up to that to their fullest, BUT there has always been the understanding that this is an organization that, if we bring you up through the ranks, you pay your dues.
He *HAS* paid his dues. He was paid $850,000 the last two years.

Originally Posted by habtastic View Post
You like it just because he's being contrarian?
PK is not a contrarian, he's asking to be paid his value.

Originally Posted by habtastic View Post
That doesn't mean that if he says the Rocket was overrated and that he (PK) would have smoked him every time, that it's a positive example of just speaking your mind, cuz if he does, he can GTFO.
He's not saying anything like that. He's saying he's a good player in all situations who wants to be paid what he's worth.

Originally Posted by habtastic View Post
I am a firm believer in the fact that the Habs organization rewards you for your loyalty.
You and I have not been following the same organization the past decade.

PK Subban has been very loyal. He was giving 100% when the rest of the team was not --- what you call "playing by his own rules" -- and he did this while making $850,000. Now Habs management wants to "reward" him by having him play for (1/2 - 2/3) of what he's worth.

They do not reward loyalty.

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