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01-24-2013, 06:34 AM
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Originally Posted by ProstheticConscience View Post
"Burn your city"...yeah, I'd stay away from that metaphor, personally.


Canucks fan wishing Hodgson all the best with the Sabres and also loving the hell out of Kassian tonight.

I'll rely on Sabres fans' judgment if they say Foligno made Kassian obsolete; don't see enough Sabres games to have seen it personally. Been trying to with the free Centre Ice Preview that's going on now, though.
He didn't make him obsolete, we just needed a center BADLY as opposed to another power forward, I would've loved Kassian on this team still but we needed a skilled center and Hodgson is doing that just fine so far. I mean, could you imagine Foligno and Kassian on the same line?? Good lord.

It looks good for both teams so far.

Originally Posted by Taco Fingerhat View Post
I'm sorry to say that I'm one of the Buffalo loving Hodgson haters. We got so carried away with anointing Hodgson as the next Linden, and then we get our hearts torn out when we hear he requests a trade. It was both depressing and infuriating for a franchise that sorely needed a blue chip prospect to rally around. So we traded our blue chipper for a player with consistency issues. It felt like a massive downgrade. I can't let my disdain for Hodgson go. I wish I could. On the flip side, Kassian was just a victim of a teams positional need for a centre, so he was traded. Buffalo was essentially given an offer they couldn't refuse. He didn't burn your city the way Hodgson did for us.
Yeah, I can understand that.

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