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01-24-2013, 06:35 AM
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Originally Posted by Nicky Santoro View Post
yeah, you're right. i wasn't thinking. also, they were getting that number in the playoffs last yr and it was on NBC.. this game was not on nbc and was on a cable channel and it's reg season. so i will predict 2.2. but how come teams like BUF, PIT can get 20.0 plus and even CHI and STL get close to 7.0 on cable, yet NYR can't get more than a 4 on a playoff game on NBC. i know the rangers have a big following.

BTW, it's too bad no one was able to post a STL rating vs CHI on Tuesday. we know chi was 5.4, but no one mentioned STL. i would've loved to have seen that one. i think STL would have gotten at least a 7.5. blues are starting to get a big following in STL.

Essentially the 1st generation of blues fans that were kids are now 60+ years old.

We had the Federko ERA early 80s.

Then the big time Hollywood drama show of the Hull ERA 88-98, but really 88-94 was the glory days of that ERA.

Then my generations(I am 30 now). 96-04 ERA with The Great One, then Pronger and so on loaded teams, no cup winners but loaded teams.

Now another ERA in blues hockey for these kids/teens with the loaded young team.

Add it all up and we are finally seeing the Big Numbers Pittsburgh get's. They just got good a bit before us with Sid and Geno during this ERA.

This is why folks need to be patient with the Southern Teams.

Hockey is growing rapidly in the USA all over a spectator Sport.

I can't even begin to describe how much more angst there was during this lockout.

Instead of empty buildings and crappy ratings, you see the reverse. Fan's don't care, they just wanted NHL hockey back all over in a bad way.

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