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Originally Posted by StanGrossman View Post
Hodgson is an awkward looking player not matter how you slice it. It's his all star hands and hockey sense that gives him and edge.
Pretty much. Watching Hodgson's stubby little legs work their way around the ice just makes him look even slower than he really is.

But he has the instincts where you see this agonizingly slow looking player show up in the right spot on the ice somehow more often than not.

Watching Buffalo games so far this season, much of the same. He stands out as being really stubby and slow on the ice...but he has ended up in decent position defensively much of the time...and offensively, he's shown a lot of intelligence in getting to the right spots alongside Vanek and Pomminville. And he hasn't been remotely sheltered at all either.'s the Eastern Conference...but it's still a thing.

Originally Posted by thefeebster View Post
Even in the AHL, i've found Schroeder goes to the bench rather slowly. Raises his arm as a signal and then coasts to the bench. Not judging him, but this is what i've seen. I don't think he is injured.

I personally think he played the most physical game i've seen him play ever. He's never really cowered from physical play, but tonight, he was looking for it and went to throw 3 hits from what i could see. I really liked that. Hope AV recognizes it too.
That's my real concern. I'd agree that it's about as physical as i've seen Schroeder play at the Pro level...but that concerns me. Sure it'll make AV smile, but some of those plays he just missed guys completely and slammed straight into the boards. That sort of stuff adds up quick, and if Schroeder is gonna take that sort of beating every night...i'm not convinced he's going to be able to last or keep it up.

Sure it's gonna impress the coach and in a first game, that's obviously what he's aiming to do. But i just don't see that as sustainable for Schroeder. Especially when you add in the number of times he was tossed aside and knocked down in just one game. You get beat up that badly for 82 straight games and then a post-season...i'm sorry, but it's just not going to be sustainable at Schroeder's size.

Originally Posted by Burke's Evil Spirit View Post
Schroeder HAS to bring that physical edge, every single night, or he will vanish from this league. At one point he overpowered Bouwmeester for the puck in the Flames corner, which was exceptional.
That's my real issue with Schroeder. It's not that i doubt his will to succeed or his hockey intelligence or ability to do the things that AV needs to see to impress him in a first game. I'm just so far from sold on Schroeder's ability to stick that kind of play out over a full half-season...much less a full 82 game grind of a full normal season. All the heart and effort in the world means nothing if you get smacked around like Schroeder did tonight 82+ times a year.

Originally Posted by Royal Canuck View Post
I think it's engraved in stone.

Schroeder > Ebbett
Well duh. Ebbett is awful. If we're engraving things like that in stone...we'd might as well engrave a big boulder with, "The Sky Is Blue".

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