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01-24-2013, 07:12 AM
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Not entirely sure how signing bonuses work in the new CBA, so I stand to be corrected on the feasibility of this idea.

Let's assume that the only way PK signs is via the bridge contract and let's further assume that the team will come off the (reported) 2/$6M or whatever and the two sides could agree on, say, 2 yr/$8.8M (4.4 cap hit).

If the Habs give PK 2@$4.4 then actual cash paid out is really only 6.6M (half of 4.4 this year, the full 4.4 next year).

What if you structure the contract as such

Contract, 2 yrs, $4.8M (1.6M in 2013, 3.2M in 2013-14). Signing bonuses of 3M in 2013, 1M in 2013-14 on top of that.

Contract is still 2 yr, $8.8M (4.4 cap). PK's cash in hand, however, is $8M (he loses half of the 2013 'contract' but keeps all of the signing bonus money and the 2013-14 salary). Same cap hit as before, and in terms of cash in hand for Subban this is almost equivalent to a 2/$11m bridge deal.

And before anyone goes all Mitt Romney on me, I do realize this is cash out of ownership's pocket, and yes, I do expect the guy who charges $150 tix, $10 'ticket convenience fee' and $12 beer to pony up and get one of his better players signed.

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