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01-24-2013, 07:23 AM
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Originally Posted by SoundAndFury View Post
What do they have to do with this? The only guy everyone has heard about in this context is Todd Bertuzzi.

Neither Jalasvaara has something to do with pests (or rat-style forwards as you called them) nor it was fighting.
Read the 2nd line of the post I quoted.
But as you ask...

Downie makes Chara angry - just like Jalasvaara to Arty:

Look who gets umped by Orr after delivering a clean hit:

Or an example with Ryan Malone:

Which of these was >3 games?

Jalasvaara isn't a pest? I'd rather believe my eyes and players who say the opposite.

Hockey fight usually starts with mutual consent. Everyone should get a chance to decline a fight (due to injurty f.e.) Fight is supposed to be fair.
I don't argue against it. And if a player doesn't want to fight but starts to get pounded - what should happen? Right, teammates and linesmen coming to rescue. Watch all the NHL vids I posted. Linesman or Dynamo player jumps Arty and drops him -> Jalasvaara has his eye fine and Finns around the Internet don't howl.

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