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01-24-2013, 07:25 AM
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Draft picks

So, I'm new to these here parts.
I've long been curious about the established value of a draft pick. IE: what can someone expect out of a draft pick of any given round? How long does it usually take the player to get to the NHL, what is their usual success afterwards, etc.
I'd been thinking of starting this project for a while, but of course, before doing so: if any of you know if this has already been done, can you point me to the study in question?

Otherwise, I might be looking for a few pointers before getting started.
I had a look through some of the sticky threads, and I'm left with the question: what kind of data sources do you use when working with hockey stats? Is it up to us to record them on each go, or are there some complete data sources available? (Databases, Excel files, etc... just something other than bringing up every player's page on HockeyDB or something..)?
[EDIT: Just saw I can get some of the required info from in CSV format]

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