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Originally Posted by Acallabeth View Post
Read the 2nd line of the post I quoted.
But as you ask...

Which of these was >3 games?

Jalasvaara isn't a pest? I'd rather believe my eyes and players who say the opposite.
In which one these was there a lying man pounded to the back of his head by a player twice as big? Downey knew exactly what he was doing, Artyukhin knew what role he is playing and Malone.. Well yeah, that was kinda similar but aftermath was slightly different, wasn't it?

Komarov is a pest, Jalasvaara.. Not sure about that. And even if he is, that was a bit too much. I mean even in the NHL nobody, with few very rare exceptions, keeps beating after such a severe damage.

You can always find the excuses, explanations and so on and in most cases I don't see the problem with fighting or even retaliation (like what Rupp did last year to Kopecky or even McCarthy back in the day to Lemieux) but this was too much, totally unwarranted, reckless and simply stupid.

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