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01-24-2013, 08:02 AM
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Originally Posted by airforceones25 View Post
please refer to quote below.

they had to learn a new system on the fly etc. his numbers didn't even fall off that much from earlier in the season. if you look to last half of the season he put up 30pts in 40games. you don't think there is an adjustment period to learn a new coaching system.

let me state that i'm not even blaming Carlyle as the sole problem. i'm suggesting that is was part of the problem. the whole team's numbers were down last year not just Getzlaf. Why is it fair to just single out him?

all i'm suggesting is when you hear the same thing over and over and over again it gets old. especially when you're not winning. it just becomes a nagging thing. surely there is multiple reasons that can be had on why he didn't perform up to expectations. this is just one of many reasons IMO.
Now that it's explained better, I guess I can see the argument you're making, but I still think it is a little bit conflicting.

Of course a "switch" can cause problems. But I generally don't see those problems as too big of a deal. And the team's performance after Boudreau came in suggest that as a whole, the temporary adjustment period didn't have that big of an effect.

If the "adjustment period" problems weighs down on his performance more than Carlyle, it still suggests to me that Carlyle was not much of a problem (at least as far as Getzlaf is concerned). I agree with your belief that the team as a whole had tuned Carlyle out and that it was time for a change, I just don't see it factoring into Getzlaf's decline.

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