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Originally Posted by IEC View Post
Wow, way too much hate for Tangradi around here. It just shows how most people don't even watch the games carefully. It seems like they just look at the scoresheet and it is much easier to blame guys like Tangradi instead of Malkin or Crosby, who BOTH played pretty bad.

Biggest minus was Bylsma and his lines. There is no way any of the lines can form any kind of chemistry with him changing them every other shift. He even broke up the Cooke-Sutter-Kennedy line, which was our most consistent in all 3 games so far.

I have no idea if Tangradi can make it in the top6, but Bylsma will never know if he keeps passing him around and doesn't let him get some confindence. Did Tangradi play great or good? No, but he played exactly like someone who plays in the Top6 for the first time with new linemates. He made some small mistakes and he did some small things right. Exactly what you should have expected. Give him 10-15 games watch if there is some progress. People who expect him to play like a top5 draftpick and score right away are just delusional. I guess you have to expect that from a board overrun with bandwagon fans who expect every young player to make an immediate impact like Crosby/Malkin.
You know, even though I've had my doubts, I've still insisted on 10-15 games. But, let's be honest here: His backchecking was lazy at best. The dump in that led to another counter? Skating with his head down to bust a move way wide to get space on a guy already a half dozen feet away causing him not to notice Geno busting into the zone clean.

I look at Despres and say to myself '****, he's done some god awful things, but he's also made the type of plays that are really going to make you appreciate the decision to keep him in April'. Can you really say the same about Tangradi?

I've got no problem giving him a chance on the fourth line. I don't expect him to be a world beater. But, for as much as people want to note that Geno doesn't trust Tangradi, I've got to ask: Can you really blame him?

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