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Originally Posted by Beef Invictus View Post
Like I've been saying, Carle gained his production by virtue of bulk ice time while playing with the top line. I have an in-depth post in the offseason Carle thread about this, but while Carle was on the ice, the team scored less. If he had the same ice time as Coburn, he would have had less points than Coburn. Carle was actually detrimental to the offense overall. He wasn't a total disaster or anything, but our offense was less efficient with him out there. I thought I saw it while watching games when he was very predictable, then when I examined the stats in the offseason they confirmed that.

As I've said, when he was in the offensive zone, he was easy to defend. His lack of shot meant those were either blocked or easy saves. They were often knocked down by the defense, rarely generated rebounds, or were blocked and cleared. His shot simply was not generating offense; which is what's gonna happen when you constantly take wrist shots from near the blue line. Teams focused on removing his pass options, because they didn't have much reason to fear his shot unless he pinched in.

He was good at moving the puck to the neutral zone and into the offensive zone, but once there? He was decidedly average. I mean, good for him for giving the puck to our top line a lot and getting those assists. A lot of those came from solid breakout passes. However, he was a detriment to sustained offensive zone offense which is reflected by his numbers.

I'll see if I can dig my post up, but it was months ago.

Edit: Nope. Taking too much effort.

I do not think a 5.5 million dollar complimentary D-man who can't handle top competition on D and stifles sustained offense is what this team needs.

Coburn's most common teammates are Timonen, Hartnell and Giroux. Carle's is Bourdon, Hartnell, and Simmonds. That doesn't really support 'Carle was always with the best teammates,' especially since Coburn had the best 5v5 QoT among any defenseman (will happen when you're the #1 pair), and only Carle and Timonen had positive 5v5 Corsi Rel. Coburn was at best similar, but there isn't really a case where he was more effective than Carle.

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