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01-24-2013, 08:12 AM
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Originally Posted by MessierIsGod View Post
I have the same issue except mine was more than a few dollars difference. Can someone here confirm that the first charge for the payment plan is late April?
The first scheduled charge on the plan is never charged on that date, it's always charged on the date you confirm to renew.

That being said, the payment plan this year was wacky. Here are all my charges for 2 seats @ $73 + $25 fedex:

3/20/2012 $751.38
6/27/2012 $751.38
7/3/2012 $916.64
7/27/2012 $38.42
8/28/2012 $598.60
9/28/2012 $598.60
1/18/2013 -$126.02

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